Penis Creams Explained

What is a penis cream?

Penis enlargement creams (sometimes euphemistically called male enhancement creams, but you know which part of you they "enhance"...) are one of recent inventions of the penis enlargement industry.

You may think of the whole penis enlargement craze as a recent phenomenon, fueled by performances of actors in X-rated movies, but you couldn't be farther from the truth! There is archaeological evidence of prehistoric tribes employing various methods to increase sizes of their manhood. However, the methods they used were so barbaric and dangerous (like tying a rope to the penis and attaching a heavy object to it) that using them isn't the best idea. It's in fact a very bad idea and unfortunately some men in our times still attempt to use something equally barbaric and stupid. They probably don't know better though.

Fortunately, if you're thinking about making your penis bigger in 2012, you don't have to attach a weight to it. Surgery isn't a good idea as well: expensive, dangerous and "boasting" such side effects as *permanent erectile dysfunction*. If you think about it, it really isn't much better that what our prehistoric ancestors did.

Now let's look at penis creams. The ingredients they contain can easily reach the penis because the cream is, well, applied on the penis itself! This is why after applying the penis cream it is typical to feel the results *immediately*, and within minutes at most. Instant erections are not unheard of.

Another pros of the penis enlargement cream which is, at least for me, extremely important is that it can be a part of foreplay! The entire process of applying the penis cream while massaging the penis is very sexy and can be a pleasure to do while the partner is watching. Or even better, have the partner do it for you! The psychological component of healthy erection is at least as important as the physiological one, so if you include penis cream into your foreplay, you can count on it being twice as effective.

Another advantage of penis creams is that they offer a holistic approach to solving sexual problems. As I already said, they can become a very enjoyable part of foreplay. This is huge. Second, they provide an improved erection. Third, they have a permanent effect of adding inches to your penis size. Now all those three things do something very very important -- they improve your self confidence. As your confidence grows, you become better at foreplay, better at erections and better at sex in general, which improve your confidence even more in a kind of virtuous circle.

How Penis Creams Work?

The ingredients that they contain increase blood flow to the penis (providing an instant or very fast erection), and promote regeneration and fast growth of the cells the penis consists of. The increased blood flow provides a slight stretching effect while the promoted cell growth ensures that cells damaged while stretching are quickly replenished, similar to the way muscles grow from weightlifting.

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